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(1)Model No: KS-9000

(2)Voltage: DC 12V
(3)Power: 14W

(3)Sound Volume:<42dba
(4)Product Size: 284(L)* 125(W)* 246(H)mm
(5)Coverage Area:4,500-8,500 sq.ft

(6) Color: white / black

(6)Consumption:4ml/h approx.
(7)Flexible Work Time: all time from monday to sunday 
(8).Working place:Hotel/Restaurant/Office/Public places/Building ect



3000m3 HVAC wifi scent machine (30$ off with code:ks9000-30)

Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on ٢٠ reviews
وحدة SKU: KS-9000
349٫00$ سعر عادي
299٫00$سعر البيع


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    • Dog Mom
      تم التقييم بـ 5 من أصل 5 نجوم.
      I love the house smells good

      This machine makes my house smell SO GOOD. The settings provide control over the intensity of the fragrance, ensuring that it suits the size of the room and personal preferences. I find that even in larger spaces, the device is effective in filling the air with a pleasant scent without overpowering the senses. The diffusion process is quiet and doesn't create any distractions or noise disruptions. The features of the device add a level of convenience and automation to the scent diffusion process

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    • Adam B.
      تم التقييم بـ 5 من أصل 5 نجوم.
      Great when hooked up to HVAC

      We originally did not have this hooked to our HVAC and we did not care for how it smelled. A little too powerful. After hooking to our down stairs HVAC, we smell it downstairs and it amazing. Smells great in our house. I was tired of buying the wall units, this is far better. Would recommend 100%.

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    • pfictionfan4life
      تم التقييم بـ 5 من أصل 5 نجوم.
      Easy to set up with app

      It is straightforward to set up with the app and set up schedules, and do occupy a lot of space. Can be used for larger spaces

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    • Cayela Wimberly
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