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(1)Model No:KS-2000

(2) Color: Black / White
(2)Rated Voltage:12V
(4)Sound Volume:<35ba
(5)Size: W248*D130*H350mm
(6) Oil Bottle: 800ml
(7)Scent Diffusion Capacity:3,500-6,500 sq.ft

(8)Usage methods: Stand Alone / HVAC / On wall

Wifi scent machine hvac for 3,500-7,500 sq.ft (Coupon code:scentmaster30 )

Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on ٢٧ reviews
وحدة SKU: ks2000-black
459٫00$ سعر عادي
349٫00$سعر البيع


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    • MissJules
      تم التقييم بـ 5 من أصل 5 نجوم.
      Smells SO Good

      I love that you can set a timer for the scents. I really enjoy it. I haven't figured out the HVAC yet (which is why I purchased this in the first place) but have it upstairs so the release of the scent is sprayed throughout. It works great.I'd buy more for my office.

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    • Erica Bess
      تم التقييم بـ 5 من أصل 5 نجوم.
      Heavenly Scent

      I love my Kevinleo scent machine. I can program this machine to run as long or a short of a time frame as I want. My house is 1900sq ft. I have the machine in my living room, and you can smell the fragrance in every room. I don't have my machine mounted, but plan to have it connected to my HVAC System. I bought and love the fragrance "Hiton" for machine. Best investment ever.

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    • ABarna
      تم التقييم بـ 5 من أصل 5 نجوم.